Sustainable Urbanism

We help communities and organizations adopt Sustainable Urbanism measures to increase resiliency and sense of community as well as address the budget challenges of our time.

PlanGreen can help you make your community more livable, prosperous and resilient by:

Portland Farmers Market

Portland Farmers Market

  • Developing urban design policies that help existing neighborhoods become more compact and walkable
  • Investing in active transportation networks: cycling, walking, and other forms of self-propelled transport
  • Creating disincentives to driving
  • Moving toward food system security
  • Adopting effective measures to promote green building and renewable energy
  • Instituting a green infrastructure program
  • Integrating habitat for native species into the landscape

Favorite New Urbanism video


I first met Mary when she became part of my team of planners in the Congress for the New Urbanism Gentilly Charrette in New Orleans.  In previous weeks as a FEMA Long Term Recovery Planner she had quickly gotten to know many key players in the city–making our job of gaining access easier.  Mary has a gift for gaining the trust and confidence of policy makers and community members because she really listens to and empathizes with their concerns.  However, she is not afraid to challenge old institutional habits and ways of thinking that no longer lead to the resilience we need for today’s challenges.  
I’ve worked with Mary since then in professional teams such as the Sustainable Urbanism Ratings Group and found that she shows creativity of thought and persuasiveness in conveying those thoughts to others.  Her insightful writings range from how to address growing inequality to promoting biophilia and ecosystem services.  I’ve always found that she is passionate, enthusiastic and hard-working.  
Michael Mahaffey
Structura Naturalis Inc.