CNU Accreditation

As the owner of PlanGreen, a planning consulting business fostering sustainability, I wanted to be in the first round of CNU-Accredited professionals because I believe that CNU has one of the most powerful messages in the nation to address what fellow new urbanist James Howard Kunstler calls the converging catastrophes of the 21st Century.  I wanted to be identified with that sustainability message and body of knowledge.

I believe that at least the vanguard of the green building movement is coming to see how potent our message is too.  Cascadia Green Building Council has scheduled Kunstler to keynote its Living Futures 2010 “Unconference” and, as a new urbanist, I was invited to blog for Sustainable Industries new blog site.  (It’s editor found me when I sent in a press release on the three Portland area business owners who received accreditation.)

As our ability to redesign the wastelands of suburbia and shape sustainable urbanism becomes more apparent, I believe our recognition in the eyes of the public and our membership will burgeon even beyond that of USGBC.  Although I have actively participated in annual Congresses and on the Pro-Urb listserv for years, I felt that the process of studying for the exam was of value in collating my knowledge.  However, like all thoughtful new urbanists, I disagreed with portions of the readings.

I would encourage others to pursue the CNU-A credential—both to further your own career in the years ahead and to help build recognition for new urbanism in building healthy and climate-friendly communities with engaged citizens.  Take the leap!